Finding Warmth in Edinburgh

I arrived in Edinburgh right in the middle of January after spending 3ish weeks in sunny South Australia. Going from a place that is just dipping its toe into the heat of summer, to one in the thick of winter is not something I’d recommend. Especially when that place happens to be in the United Kingdom, not exactly famous for its sun.


Yes, it was quite an adjustment. If I could do it again, I’d do the entire trip in reverse so that I’d end up in Australia (and probably not leave…). But the stark contrast of climates just forced me to look for warmth in places other than the temperature.


One of my nights was spent gazing into a gigantic bonfire full of old christmas trees. Watching the dancing orange sparks and listening to the intense crackle made by the dry branches was definitely a relief from the brisk walk along the canal that we took to get there.


You just need to find a cozy corner and start sipping on a gin and tonic. The longing for a summer breeze eventually becomes duller and you can enjoy where you are.